Siri Isaksson to SAM and FAIR

By Astri Kamsvåg

20 September 2019 08:24

Siri Isaksson to SAM and FAIR

Siri Isaksson has just started in a seven-year tenure track / assistant professor position at the Department of Economics, affiliated to FAIR. Her primary research areas are experimental and behavioral economics.

Siri Isaksson

Specifically, she's interested in understanding how gender differences in everyday decision-making translate into unequal outcomes for men and women.

Siri will not teach in her first year of employment. She says that her ambition is to start a new course on gender economics once she starts her teaching in her second year.

"I'm excited about the possibility of creating a new course, and to meet and interact with the students", says Siri.


Siri is Swedish/Hungarian, and did her undergraduate studies in Berlin at Humboldt Universität. Her PhD and MSc are from Stockholm School of Economics.

Prior to starting her position at NHH, she was a research fellow at Harvard University for three years, first with the Economics and Computer Science group and later at the Women and Public Policy Program.

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