Research leave deadline: 15 October

By Linda Olsvik Gjertsen

1 October 2019 12:20

Research leave deadline: 15 October

The deadline to apply for research leave is 15 October. The period of entitlement for six months’ research leave is six semesters and 12 semesters for a year's leave. Professors, associate professors and assistant professors in permanent positions can apply.

Female associate professors earn the first two years of leaves of absence for research purposes in half the normal time. 

Research leave is intended to be a positive means of providing academic employees with a real opportunity to carry out continuous research work, whether it is in the form of in-depth work on their own research, the development of new projects or establishing research collaborations with other research environments, at a national and international level. 

Research leave is intended to stimulate and strengthen the researcher's academic community and to serve as an instrument in the recruitment work at NHH.

Read more and find the application form in the employee handbook.

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