Peter Kalum Schou to SOL

By Astri Kamsvåg

25 October 2019 13:32

Peter Kalum Schou to SOL

Peter Kalum Schou from Denmark has taken up the position as postdoctoral fellow for four years at the Department of Strategy and Managment. His main research interests are micro-processes of entrepreneurship, innovation and the digital transformation of work and firms from an organization theory perspective.

Peter Schou

Peter is a qualitative researcher and likes to work closely with organisations to gather fine-grained empirical data.

"I am excited to join a leading Nordic business school, where I will be able to work closely with companies to do research that is not only academically impactful, but which also has practical use", Peter says.


Peter is from Denmark. He did his PhD at Copenhagen Business School, Department of Strategy and Innovation. During his PhD he was a visiting researcher at the Scandinavian Consortium for Organizational Research (Scancor) at Stanford University.  

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