New case library

By Astri Kamsvåg

22 October 2019 17:36

New case library

NHH has now collected a variety of cases that staff can use in your teaching, in courses or seminars. Do you have a case lying around that could be included in the case library? If you do, please contact the library administrator NHH Executive as soon as possible.

Inger Stensaker
Inger Stensaker

The cases have been developed in cooperation with Norwegian and international enterprises.

The case library is intended as a resource for lecturers both as NHHE and at NHH in general. The cases will be available for all types of teaching activities.

"We primarily view the case library as an educational resource that can make the teaching at NHHE and NHH even more attractive," says professor Inger Stensaker, who has the academic responsibility for the case library.

Lone Haugsvær
Lone Haugsvær

"The library contains a variety of cases that are relevant for Norwegian and international students with an interest in Norwegian business and industry. At present, there are no good Norwegian or Norwegian-based cases that we can use in our teaching. Although there are many good international cases, it will be a valuable supplement to also be able to provide Norwegian-based cases here at NHH,"says Inger.

One of the unintended effects can be a strengthened relationship with our business and industry partners.

"By taking an interest in their business and using them as an example in our teaching, the students will gain in-depth knowledge of the relevant companies."

"The aim of establishing the library is to increase the quality and relevance in the teaching of NHHE and NHH in general," says Inger.


The library now contains 14 cases; most are in Norwegian and some in English. The case library will be gradually expanded.


Contact Lone Haugsvær if you have a case you want included in the case library or would like to use a case in your teaching. 

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