Mateusz Mysliwski to SAM and CBE

By Astri Kamsvåg

1 October 2019 13:05

Mateusz Mysliwski to SAM and CBE

Mateusz Mysliwski from Poland has taken up a 7-year tenure-track assistant professor position at the Department of Economics, affiliated to the Centre for Business Economics. His research interests are various topics in empirical industrial organization and structural econometrics.

Mateusz Mysliwski

His interests include dynamic games, consumer search and models of location choice. 

He uses game-theoretic models and data from the banking, retailing and IT industries to study questions related to oligopoly pricing and consumer welfare. Mateusz is also excited about developing new econometric tools to study market outcomes under imperfect competition.

"It feels great to be a part of an active research environment and have enthusiastic people with overlapping interests around. NHH seems to be the perfect place where I can both continue working on projects started during my PhD, but also start new collaborations with other researchers in my department, other departments and institutions based in Bergen, such as BECCLE or the Norwegian Competition Authority", says Mateusz and adds:  

"Last but not least, Bergen is absolutely beautiful and a great place to live if one enjoys nature and hiking as much as I do." 


Mateusz received his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from the Warsaw School of Economics prior to completing a PhD in Economics at University College London earlier this year. During his graduate studies he worked on research projects at the Institute for Fiscal Studies and the Bank of England.

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Centre for Business Economics (CBE)