Kjell Fadnes new adviser for digitalisation

By Astri Kamsvåg

8 October 2019 13:28

Kjell Fadnes new adviser for digitalisation

Kjell Fadnes has started in a new fixed position as the first digitalisation adviser at NHH. This is a fixed position based at the Office of IT Services. In this role he will be member and secretary of the Digitalisation Committee and will coordinate various digitalisation projects and initiatives at NHH.

Kjell Fadnes

Kjell says that he is looking forward to contributing to the development of new ways of learning, communication and atomisation of everyday tasks, and to assist in finding the best ways to navigate and benefit in the vast array of emerging technologies around us.

"The employees and students at NHH are the primary reason for its position as one of Europe's leading business schools. As a member of the Digitalisation Committee, I will contribute to choose the best technology for implementing ideas and initiatives at NHH in the years to come. I am really excited about being a part of the team at NHH", Kjell says.


Kjell comes from the IT-department at the University of Bergen, where he has worked for 10 years, in different sections and with different tasks such as support, infrastructure and development. He has taken part in projects from different perspectives, and from both sides of the table: as user and developer.

As for education, Kjell holds a BA in political science. He has also studied information science. 

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