Hilde Rusten to international relations

9 October 2019 07:00

Hilde Rusten to international relations

Hilde Rusten has started in a permanent position as adviser in the Section for International relations. She will coordinate the Double Degree programme as well as the exchange agreements with universities in Asia, Africa and Latin-America.

Hilde Rusten

She will be working with project applications, case work, student counselling, development and strategy work, statements and hearings, dissemination and representation.  

"The position is varied with many interesting and fun work assignments. I look forward to guiding students who are going out into the world, it is a very positive task. I also find it exciting to work at an institution which educates future leaders and decison makers, where sustainability, ethics and internationalization are stated strategic goals. These are values ​​which I wholeheartedly support. To meet the major global societal challenges we face, I am convinced that we need more international experience and mobility to foster collaboration and understanding  among countries and decision makers", Hilde says. 

"Although at one point I thought economics were boring, I realized during my studies that all politics is basically about economics and resource allocation, and that it is actually very interesting. In that sense, NHH is in the centre of everything. There is a lot of exciting academic stuff going on here, and I learn a lot of new things every day. Working in an international environment, using my language skills and being able to travel to educational institutions and meet colleagues from around the world is also a bonus." 

"The contrast is undeniably great from vulnerable groups to the resourceful and ambitious students at NHH, but that is one of the things I find exciting about changing fields of work. I have always been fascinated by other languages ​​and cultures, and have personally enjoyed and benefitted greatly from my international experience, both personally and professionally. I am impressed with all the international opportunities that NHH offers its students, and I look forward to further developing this field together with my talented colleagues at the Section for International Relations", Hilde states.


Hilde holds a Bachelor's Degree in Comparative Politics from the University of Bergen and a Master's degree in the Theory and Practice of Human Rights from the University of Oslo/Centre for Human Rights. Furthermore, she has history and language studies in her degree, in addition to courses in Economics from Humboldt University in Berlin and International Politics and Diplomacy from the University of Stockholm. 

In addition to her exchange studies, she has work experience from the US, Honduras and the Norwegian Embassy in Colombia. After finishing her Master's degree, she worked as a Research assistant at the Institute for Social Research, where she continued working on the topic of her Master thesis related to asylum-seeking children. She has also worked for many years at the Directorate of Immigration (UDI) and the Immigration Appeals Board (UNE), mainly with vulnerable groups of asylum-seekers such as children, unaccompanied minors, victims of human trafficking and persons with physical and mental disorders.

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