Fancy going to Harvard?

By Astri Kamsvåg

28 October 2019 10:39

(updated: 28 October 2019 10:40)

Fancy going to Harvard?

In recent years, 13 faculty members from NHH have participated at Harvard's summer course in pedagogy, the Global Colloquium on Participant-Centered Learning. Are you interested? Grasp the opportunity now!

Participants summer 2019

Annelise Ly_200.jpg

"This was very interesting and inspiring, and made me reflect on how things are now at NHH and how I could (try to) improve them." 

Annelise Ly, Department of Professional and Intercultural Communication (2019):

Bram Timmermans_200.jpg

"The course will have an immediate impact on teaching in the upcoming semester."

Bram Timmermans, Department of Strategy and Management (2019)

Maxilmilian Rohrer_200.jpg

"Harvard was very specific that the process of teaching matters more than the content, especially given that content is available everywhere."

Maximilian Rohrer, Department of Finance (2019)

Håkon Otneim_200.jpg

"At HBS, the teaching model is cultivated, implemented, detailed and managed from the top and above all: blessed with enormous resources."

Håkon Otneim, Department of Business and Management Science (2019)

Previous participants

Harvard ped_300.jpg

The programme consists of two modules: One week in Boston (19-24 July 2020) and some days in January 2021 (probably Boston). 

In recent years, four NHH faculty members have been admitted to the programme each year.


Questions? Contact Frank Mortensen

More information about the programme and the application process