What is our mission statement in your mother tongue?

By Astri Kamsvåg

27 November 2019 10:04

(updated: 27 November 2019 10:09)

What is our mission statement in your mother tongue?

The process of creating ownership to our new mission statement among the employees is going forward. 14 colleagues from different countries have taken on the challenge of translating the mission statement into their own mother tongue. The video shows the linguistic diversity in our workplace. Together we are NHH.

All 14 had to take a few minutes to think carefully before they landed on how they would formulate the mission statement in their mother tongue. They considered various alternatives, consulted dictionaries and googled before they found the best translation.

We learn best in our native language, research shows. We remember more easily and take on more quickly what we learn in our own language. This is also the case with the new mission statement.

There are far more languages among our colleagues than those featured in this video.

Have you tried to translate it into your mother tongue?

Do you know the mission statement? Part 3

Another set of employees has tried to formulate NHH's new mission statement. Here is the result. How are you getting on: Do you know it?

Do you know the mission statement? Part 2

Employees at NHH are now busy learning our new mission statement. How are we doing, a week and a half after the announcement of the result of the vote? And what about you - do you know the mission statement yet?

What is our new mission statement?

Last week NHH's new mission statement was launched at Paraplyen. We asked some key employees to say the mission statement. Watch the video to hear the answers we got. What about you - do you know it?

Together for sustainable value creation

The organisation has now voted for NHH's new mission statement, and we now have the result. As we remember four alternative mission statements were shortlisted based on input from employees, students and the board.

Vote for NHH's mission statement

Four alternative mission statements have been shortlisted based on input from employees, students and the board over the past ten months. Which one do you prefer? Vote for your favourite here.

Mission statement workshop

"This was very useful! We are definetely a huge step closer to formulating NHH's mission statement", says Deputy Rector Linda Nøstbakken after yesterday's workshop where 35 dedicated employees and students participated.

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