Evaluation of Foretak

By Astri Kamsvåg

14 November 2019 12:35

Evaluation of Foretak

There is hectic activity at the Department of Business and Management Science this week: An external committee is visiting to evaluate the research activities at the department, as part of the quality work at NHH. The purpose is to give the department a better knowledge of its activities and thus a basis for improving decision making for further development.

Photo: Leif Sandal, Kristin Reichel Teigland, Ted Lindblom, Niels Vestergaard, Marielle Christiansen and Jarle Møen.

The focus is on research. Does the department produce good and enough research, and how is the research activity organised?

During the two days the committee is visiting, they talk to the leaders of the research groups, PhD fellows, the department administration and representatives from the Office of Research Administration in addition to the department management and the rector.

But first, the department has conducted a self-evaluation.

"The self-evaluation has been a useful exercise. In order to be able to further develop the department in the future, we must first realize what the status is today. As in many other contexts, the process is of intrinsic value. To summarise the activity in the various research areas, to count and make overviews have made us more aware of what the status is now and where we want to go".

"The self-evaluation has been an important awareness process", says Jarle Møen, head of the department.

This is the first time the Department of Business and Management Science has been evaluated in this way.

"Before Christmas, the evaluation committee's report will be ready. We look forward to seeing what the committee writes", Jarle says.

The committee in action together with Leif Sandal, Steffen Juranek and Kristin Teigland.
The committee in action together with Leif Sandal, Steffen Juranek and Kristin Teigland.

The evaluation committee

The external evaluation committee consists of: 

  • Niels Vestergaard, Department of Sociology, Environmental and Business Economics, University of Southern Denmark
  • Marielle Christiansen, Department of Industrial Economics and Technology Management, NTNU
  • Ted Lindblom, Department of Business Administration,  School of Business, Economics and Law, University of Gothenburg

Background for the internal evaluations

Based on comments from EQUIS in 2006, NHH has as part of our quality work, set a goal to develop routines for regular evaluation of the departments. The purpose of such evaluations is to give the departments a better knowledge of their own activities and thus a basis for improving decision-making for their own development work.

The Research Committee at NHH set up a working group in the spring of 2009, which was mandated to propose routines for the evaluations. In the spring of 2010, a programme for evaluations was adopted by the Research Committee. It proposed that the departments shall be evaluated every five to six years. The committee decided that an annual evaluation process with one department a year should be implemented. Furthermore, the NHH Board was informed about the decision. The evaluation reports are submitted to the Board.

Previous internal evaluations

Department of Strategy and Management (SOL): 2012
Department of Professional and Intercultural Communication (FSK): 2013
Department of Accounting, Auditing and Law (IRRR): 2015

During the period 2016-2018, national evaluations were conducted under the auspices of the Research Council's HUMEVAL and SAMEVAL. Therefore, no evaluations of our departments were conducted during this period.

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