ARK: Now it's up the managers

By Astri Kamsvåg

24 May 2019 15:37

ARK: Now it's up the managers

All departments, offices and sections should now have defined measures for keeping what we think is good and for improvement in our unit. The ARK project is now entering into the most important phase, namely the implementation of measures.

The implementation of ARK is divided into five phases:

1.      preparation and support
2.      mapping
3.      development of measures
4.      implementation of measures
5.      evaluation

The aim of the ARK working environment survey is to do more of what is working, and adjust the course as needed.

Going forwards, NHH will map the working environment every other year as part of a continuous process to develop good working processes and healthy cooperation between employees and managers.

The management’s role

NHH must ensure that the measures are implemented by asking for results through the line organisation. All managers are responsible for ensuring that the measures defined by the unit are implemented. It is the heads of department, office directors, and heads of sections that must drive the process forward. This work is a continuous process.

Adopted by department board

"We are very happy with the process so far," says Jarle Møen, Head of Department of Business and Management Science. He says that as many as 89 per cent of the department’s employees responded to the survey. This is 5 per cent above the average for NHH as a whole, and 22 per cent above the average in the sector.

Jarle explains: "At a seminar in December after the survey, the department's staff worked in groups to propose new measures. During this group work, many employees discussed the importance of upholding a work culture that endeavours to balance research, teaching, dissemination, and administration as equal activities. The department is dependent on having employees who make excellent efforts along all these dimensions. There is no doubt that we will continue the department's policy of highlighting excellent work within all these four areas. The action plan has now been approved by the board of the department."

The measures

Good measures are realistic, feasible, concrete, important and within the framework at the department's disposal. 

There is great variation between the measures approved by the departments, offices and sections at NHH. Some have started to gather for coffee in the mornings once a week, some have introduced afternoon treats on Fridays, and some have decided to hold thematic meetings twice per semester in order to improve their social environment at work.

Others will develop service declarations to clarify expectations with the users. Others again will set clearer goals for their tasks by using the job description as a living document to be discussed in the appraisal interviews. Some will focus on clarifying ownership of tasks and planning further ahead.

One of the departments has defined a host of measures that will better integrate the PhD students and give them close follow-up, as well as measures to ensure that the department's employees are familiar with the department's expertise and projects.

The NHH board will receive a status report at the meeting in June.

ARK: The work starts now

The overall results of the ARK working environment survey have been published and 343 employees were invited to participate in the survey. A total of 288 people participated in the survey, which is a response rate of 84 per cent.

Working environment survey

Please remember to participate at the working environment survey (ARK) that we are conducting these days at NHH. You can answer the survey until 5 November. So far 136 employees - 39,9 percent - of your colleagues have participated.

All employees are invited to take a working environment survey

NHH is set to carry out a working environment survey this autumn. All employees are encouraged to take part.

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