Windows update 22 March

By Svein Lamvik

18 March 2019 16:18

Windows update 22 March

PCs that we haven't already updated, will be updated automatically on Friday 22 March at 3pm. During the update your machine will restart one or several times. Please make sure that you save your work og close the programmes you're using before the update starts.

Windows update

As previously stated in Paraplyen, the IT Department has since Christmas been offering you to update your pc to the newest Windows version. You can still do this via your Software Center at a time of your convenience.

For those of us who haven't already updated, the update will now take place automatically. The update starts on Friday March 22 at 3 pm. The update takes approximately one hour.

Remember to save

During the update, your machine will make one or more restarts. Before the first restart you will have three minutes to save your work and to close open applications.

Machines that are not in contact with the network at NHH Friday will be updated continuously as soon as they reach contact with the network in the coming weeks.

Upgrade Older Windows 10 PCs

Microsoft releases a new version of Windows 10 every six months. Versions of Windows older than 18 months are not supported and must be upgraded.

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