Seminar: Quality research and gender balance

By Ingebjørg Tyssedal

15 March 2019 12:00

Seminar: Quality research and gender balance

How compatible is quality research with gender balance? In order to be a leading research institution, NHH has to recruit, develop and promote the best researchers. Curt Rice, Gunnar E. Christensen, Aline Bütikofer, Jøril Mæland, Kenneth Fjell and Inger Stensaker contribute at the seminar on 22 March.

Curt Rice
Curt Rice

A main goal of research is to provide solutions for problems and challenges that society, business and the public sector face. 

Are recruitment of the best candidates and improved gender balance compatible or opposing goals?

How can gender perspectives contribute to high quality research and increased external funding?

Keynote speaker is Curt Rice, rector and professor at OsloMet – Oslo Metropolitan University and the leader of the Committee for Gender Balance and Diversity in Research (KIF).

Rice will talk about challenges and opportunities in academia and take part in the subsequent panel discussion. The discussion will give seminar participants the chance to come with input and be inspired on strategically important questions related to recruitment and research.

The aim of the seminar is to give greater awareness to gender equality in the broad sense, raise issues and opportunities and provide input to the ongoing work to improve research quality and gender balance.

NHH contributors

There will be contributions by Gunnar E. Christensen, Aline Bütikofer, Jøril Mæland, Kenneth Fjell and Inger Stensaker. 

We look forward to seeing you there.

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Organisers: Professor Astrid Kunze and gender equality adviser Ingebjørg Tyssedal.

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