Seed grants for innovative teaching

By Frank Mortensen

25 March 2019 14:40

Seed grants for innovative teaching

NHH has adopted a new scheme for funding innovation in teaching. The aim is to contribute to more initiatives and provide the faculty with more resources to develop your teaching and courses.

Seed grants

Funding may be awarded to projects with the purpose to further develop central parts of teaching or assessment in a course.

The total funds made available in this call are 300 000 Norwegian kroner. Successful projects will be offered support by the Teaching and Learning Lab NHH, Arild Raaheim, Section for International Relations and the IT Department.

Trying out new practice

Funding may be used to try out new practices such as educational or assessment methods, educational technology, study tours, international collaboration, as part of developing a major project application within national partnership programs, Erasmus + or the like.

Your application

When you apply, please write briefly about planned activities, purchases etc. Your application must contain:

  • pedagogical goals for the project
  • description of which activities are to be tested
  • description of how the project will be evaluated
  • budget

Your experiences from the project can be transferred and shared among the faculty at NHH. Please evaluate and document your experiences and results in a concise report.

Funding may be allocated for one or two semesters. This means that projects that receive allocated support must later be operated without seed funding.


Contact your Head of Department to get your proposal approved. He/she sends the approved proposals to Frank Mortensen by the application deadline 1 May 2019.

Questions? Please contact Senior Adviser Frank Mortensen, Section for Quality Assurance, Office of Student and Academic Affairs

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