Nominate candidates for the Lehmkuhl grant 2019

By Astri Inga Kamsvåg

27 June 2019 11:06

Nominate candidates for the Lehmkuhl grant 2019

Do you have excellent master’s students whose thesis is related to or contribute to innovation and entrepreneurship? If so, you can nominate them for the Lehmkuhl grant. The deadline for nominations is 31 August, and the grant is in the amount of NOK 25,000.

Christian Braathen received the Lehmkuhl grant in 2018 with his MSc thesis.
Christian Braathen received the Lehmkuhl grant in 2018 with his MSc thesis.

You can nominate students who submitted their master's thesis in autumn 2018 or spring 2019.


The grant will either be granted to a master’s thesis or a business idea launched in other ways.

If the grant is awarded to a master’s thesis, the academic quality of the thesis is important. The thesis must directly or indirectly contribute to innovation in the form of new products, services or business models. All theses in the field of innovation or entrepreneurship can in principle be nominated for the grant.

It is Kristofer Lehmkuhl's Fond for Fremme av Norsk Næringsliv (the Kristofer Lehmkuhl Fund for the Promotion of Norwegian Business and Industry) that assigns the grant.

large span

The award was suspended some years because it was difficult to find candidates, but in 2018 the fund relaunched the scheme.

"The nominated theses spanned from the development of a concrete business idea based on mathematical models for personnel planning, to theses on valuing start-ups and implications of innovation for employees", says Endre Bjørndal, programme manager for the master's studies. He is member of the committee that chooses the winner.

"The master profile New Business Development (NBD) started up in 2018. Not many students choose NBD as their main profile, but many of the courses in the profile are popular. This spring, a new course - Platform-based Business Models - has been added to the profile. We have also introduced the summer course Business Model Innovation for Entrepreneurs, targeted at international students", says Endre.

In 2017, NHH started the Innovation School in collaboration with UC Berkeley, and we also have The Norwegian School of Entrepreneurship (Gründerskolen), which is popular with the students.

useful and relevant

In 2018 it was Christian Braathen who received the Lehmkuhl grant for his thesis 'Modeling the Norwegian Working Environment Act and Shift-Schedule Preferences Using Mathematical Programming'. The committee stated: 

"This master's thesis is an excellent exemple that shows that research at NHH can be useful, relevant, and contribute to innovation".

The Committee 

The committee that will assess the master’s theses in accordance with the guidelines and elect a winner, comprises the following members:

Aksel Mjøs, Associate Professor at the Department of Finance
- Bram Timmermans, Associate Professor at the Department of Strategy and Management
- Endre Bjørndal, Programme Manager for the master’s degree programme
Therese Sverdrup, Vice Rector for Innovation and Development

Nominate candidates by 31 August 

Send the master's thesis and the grounds for the nomination as a PDF file to

The grant will be awarded in connection with the Lehmkuhl Lecture on 26 September 2019.

Criteria for the Lehmkuhl grant

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