Election: Kurtmollaiev and Otneim

By Per Manne

3 June 2019 10:18

Election: Kurtmollaiev and Otneim

The election takes place on 12 and 13 June. Non-tenured faculty will elect one member and one deputy member to the Board of NHH for the period 1.8.2019–31.7.2020. The candidates are Seidali Kurtmallaiev and Håkon Otneim.

Everyone eligible to vote will receive an email about the voting procedures. 

Seidali Kurtmollaiev
Seidali Kurtmollaiev


Age: 31
Position: Postdoctoral Researcher
Department: Department of Strategy and Management, Center for Service Innovation
Research interests: innovation, corporate entrepreneurship, service management, service marketing, design.

Education: PhD in Strategy and Management (NHH), Master of Science in Business (Nord University), and Master in International Economics (Taurida National Vernadsky University).

"We are the tomorrow of academia, and our voice shall always play an important role in cases that concern NHH’s strategy and future. I am motivated and innovative person who is not afraid to express own ideas and provide constructive feedback. I also have a board experience from NHH and NFB - The national research school in business economics and administration. I am convinced that diversity is one of our most important resources, so I am ready to ensure that everyone’s voice will be heard."

Håkon Otneim
Håkon Otneim


Age: 32
Position: Postdoc, Department of Business and Management Science
Research interests: statistics

Education: PhD in Statistics at the University of Bergen (2016), MSc in statistics from UoB (2012), and BA in mathematics from the same institution (2010).

"I run for this election because I want to be a good representative for the temporary staff in the NHH board. I will contribute to further develop NHH as an internationally recognized research school in the best interest of the staff, our students, and the society that we are a part of. I believe that the PhD students and the postdocs play a key role in this regard to secure the future of NHH." 


Election of a Board member from non-tenured faculty

The deadline for nominating candidates is Thursday 23 May. The election takes place in the second week of June. Non-tenured faculty will elect one member and two deputy members to the Board of NHH.

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