Implementing the language guidelines

By Astri Kamsvåg

5 July 2019 11:25

Implementing the language guidelines

The NHH Board adopted new language guidelines at the meeting in June, and after the summer the implementation starts. It is the managers who will be responsible for implementing and managing our language guidelines.

Establishing practices that ensure compliance with the guidelines is a line management responsibility. The responsibility includes developing action plans and progress reporting procedures.

From the guidelines: 


  1. NHH shall use high-quality, recipient-oriented language in all communication. 
  2. Norwegian and English are both important languages at NHH. 
  3. NHH shall use the Norwegian language forms Nynorsk and Bokmål as stipulated in the Language Act. Staff and students whose primary language is Nynorsk are encouraged to use this variant.
  4. NHH shall practise parallel use of languages where appropriate. 
  5. Permanent faculty at NHH are expected to have sufficient Norwegian and English language skills to enable them to communicate satisfactorily with students, staff and external contacts.
    – Permanent faculty who lack Norwegian or other Scandinavian language skills when first employed, shall be offered good quality Norwegian language training. They are expected to achieve command of Norwegian to intermediate level B1 within three years of permanent employment, and shall, if necessary, complete an approved course in Norwegian.
  6. NHH shall offer its staff the opportunity to upgrade relevant language skills. 
  7. NHH shall actively manage the maintenance and development of Norwegian professional language within the economic-administrative fields, to fulfil its statutory responsibility.


The next chapters in the language guidelines are about what language NHH shall use in 

- education 
- research and publication 
- administration and information

A chapter on how to implement and manage the guidelines is also included.

Strategy 2018-2021

The language guidelines shall contribute to realising NHH's strategy and its objective to be "a driving force for development in business and society", and to be "a leading international business school that leads the way in the development and dissemination of knowledge and expertise". "NHH shall pursue a language policy that effectively balances NHH's social mission in Norway with its international ambitions".

The process

In autumn 2018, Rector commissioned a working group headed by Professor Trine Dahl to revise NHH's language guidelines at the time. The group submitted its proposal and a report in December 2018. After that, the proposal was subject to an internal hearing among employees.

The proposal was discussed at the Board meeting in April, and at the June meeting the Board adopted new language guidelines for NHH. They come into effect now.

Language guidelines

Proposal for new language policy

The internal working group recently submitted its proposal for revised language policy guidelines to Rector Øystein Thøgersen. As expected, the group spent most of its time on the relationship between Norwegian and English.

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