Going to the mountains?

Mountains covered with snow
Photo: James Hosea
By James Watt Duncan Hosea

22 January 2019 16:27

Going to the mountains?

There is lots of snow at Kvamskogen now, and NHH’s cabin for staff is now ready for the winter season. The booking deadline for the school winter and Easter holidays this year is 31 January.

Småbruket is divided into two units, with each providing accommodation for six people. Each unit is equipped with a fully fitted kitchen (including dishwasher and induction hob) TV, radio, toilets, showers and a sauna, as well as having its own terrace.

Each unit also has a reserved parking space in a private parking area close to the main road. Guests arrive at a pre-warmed cabin with warm water on tap and a cellar full of logs for ensuring a cosy evening by the fireside.

Holiday bookings

As usual, the school winter and Easter holidays are being split into two as follows:

Schools winter holidays:

  • First half from Friday 22 February to Wednesday 27 February, 12:00.
  • Second half from Wednesday 27 February 12:00 to Sunday 3 March.


  • First half from Friday 12 April to Wednesday 17 April, 17.
  • Second half from Wednesday 17 April, 17 to Monday 22 April.

The deadline for booking during the schools winter and Easter holidays is 31 January. The cabin commettee allocate the cabin by lottery after the booking deadline has passed.

Please use the online form to make a register your interest. 

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Best wishes from the cabin committee 

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