Three new offices

By Astri Kamsvåg

22 February 2019 16:46

Three new offices

The Office of Financial Management and Operations will now be reorganised into three separate offices: the Office of IT Services, the Office of Finance and Accounting and the Office of Property Management.

The Office of IT Services was established 1 January 2019, and the Office of Finance and Accounting and the Office of Property Management, which will be established on 1 March. 

Thor-Inge Næsset, who was previously the head of the IT Section, is now IT Director at the Office of IT Services.

Kari Blom, who is head of the Section for Finance and Accounting, will manage the new Office of Finance and Accounting from 1 March.

Klas Rønning, who is the current director of the Office of Financial Management and Operations, will become the head of the Office of Property Management on the same date. Atle Askeland, who has been the acting head of the Section for Property Management, will return to his position as Maintenance Manager.


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Report to the Rector and vice Rector

Klas Rønning will continue to report to the Rector in his role as Director of Property Management. Financial Director Kari Blom will also report to the Rector.

IT Director Thor-Inge Næsset reports to Vice Rector Gunnar E. Christensen.

Klas Rønning
Klas Rønning will be Director of Office of Property Management.

Office of Property Management

In addition to the original tasks that have fallen under the remit of the Section for Property Management, other tasks have been added in connection with the transfer of responsibility for the building complex to Statsbygg on 1 January 2019. In the years to come, NHH must be in continuous dialogue with Statsbygg about the division of work in relation to the operation and maintenance, and use of the buildings.

In connection with the rehabilitation project, a number of clarifications must also be continuously made in relation to Statsbygg. Additional work and clarifications must also be carried out in relation to the use of the temporary premises in Merino.

Generally, there is also a clear need for an overall approach to using the whole of NHH’s campus, and to maintain NHH's interests in the forthcoming extension of Bergen light rail to Åsane.

The costs of the property management are considerable, and it is viewed as appropriate that the follow-up of the budget, property-related procurement, and follow-up of agreements entered into are administered in a separate office.

Kari Blom
Kari Blom will be Director of Office of Finance and Accounting.

Office of Finance and Accounting

There are increasingly stringent requirements relating to professional financial management. Financial control, reporting, and advisory services to the senior management and the different units are also key duties. This combined indicates the expedience of organising a financial function in a separate section at NHH.

As of today, most financial matters are already handled by the Section for Finance and Accounting – either fully dealt with internally, or by the head of the section or members of staff submitting relevant material to the Director of Financial Management Klas Rønning. The tasks to be carried out in the new Office of Finance and Accounting will be much in the same vein as those currently assigned to the Section for Finance and Accounting.

The current head of the Section for Finance and Accounting, Kari Blom, will in effect have the same tasks and areas of responsibility after the reorganisation from Section to Office.

Thor-Inge Næsset
Thor-Inge Næsset is Director of IT Services.

Office of IT Services

The Office of IT Services was established on 1 January this year as a result of a board resolution from June 2017. 

The IT Services will gradually evolve from being primarily operational to being more development focused. IT must be part of the agenda when the NHH organisation discusses and plans the future development of education, research, and administration. The IT Services and the organisation of the school’s future digitalisation efforts and development must be handled from an overall perspective. IT/digitalisation will now be taken a step further in order to shape a more strategic and development-oriented organisation of the business school's focus on digitalisation.

Because of this new area of responsibility, Gunnar E. Christensen works full-time as Vice Rector from 1 January 2019.

Gunnar E. Christensen
Gunnar E. Christensen is now full-time vice rector.

Digitalisation Committee

NHH has also established a digitalisation committee, in addition to the establishment of a separate Office of IT Services. The committee is an overriding prioritisation and coordination committee, comprising members of staff with sound digital competence and understanding, and good insight into and an overview of the breadth of NHH's operations.

The digitalisation committee is responsible for
- clarifying and deciding roles for system ownership, administration and utilisation of digital services
- safeguarding information security and data protection
- ensuring that NHH’s initiatives and priorities work in favour of the digitalisation goals in the national digitalisation strategy for the HE sector
- seeking opportunities to utilise sector-specific solutions developed by other parties, including the newly appointed board for digitalisation in higher education and research (Digitaliseringsstyret) and UNIT.

Members of the digitalisation committee:
- Gunnar E. Christensen, Vice Rector for Faculty Affairs and HR (chair)
- Marita Kristiansen, Project Manager, Office of Student and Academic Affairs
- Arild Schanke, Adviser, Office of Student and Academic Affairs
-Monica Nielsen Øen, Senior Adviser, Section for Human Resources Management and Data Protection Officer
- Jon Iden, Professor, Department of Strategy and Management
- Jonas Andersson, Professor, Business and Management Science
- Thor-Inge Næsset, IT Director

Management meetings

The three heads of department will form part of the Administrative Management Forum (ALF) and the Extended Management Forum on a par with other heads of departments.

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