Mission statement workshop

By Astri Kamsvåg

15 February 2019 15:43

Mission statement workshop

"This was very useful! We are definetely a huge step closer to formulating NHH's mission statement", says Deputy Rector Linda Nøstbakken after yesterday's workshop where 35 dedicated employees and students participated.

NHH's strategy for 2018-21 is already shaping what we do. Last year, we defined the NHH culture together with the students. This spring, we are surveying people in Norway to learn more about our brand reputation among the general public, prospective NHH students and other key groups. In parallel, we want to revise NHH's mission statement.

The statement is intended to capture the essence of what NHH is - our DNA - made by those who know NHH the best; those who work and study here. On Thursday 14 February, a select group of 35 employees and students was gathered to come up with a revised mission statement for NHH. 

"The plan now is to shortlist the best mission statements and then to find the one statement which pinpoints the essence of NHH. And of course, we will involve employees and students also in this work, says Linda Nøstbakken.

Associate Professor Linda Herfindal Lien from the University of Bergen and Diku did a great job guiding the group through the workshop. 

Linda Nøstbakken's power point presentation (pdf)

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