FT publication bonus doubled

By Astri Kamsvåg

22 February 2019 16:05

FT publication bonus doubled

The publication bonus fee for publication in journals included on the Financial Times list has been doubled from NOK 20,000 to 40,000 from 1 January 2019. "This is the result of the clear guidelines set out in the strategy for 2018–2021," says Rector Øystein.

The bonus fee has been raised because NHH’s strategy emphasises the importance of international rankings.

"Publication on the FT list is the single most important factor that NHH can influence with regards to the EMBA ranking, and it is also of great importance to the overall business school ranking. This is why we are making extra efforts in this area. Given our ambition to be a leading international business school that prioritises world-class research, it is particularly important to climb the FT research ranking," he explains.


Photo from the town hall meeting in December 2018 of the researchers who were granted publication bonus in 2018  (everyone wasn't present when the photo was taken). Photo: Sigrid Grøm Bakken

More world-class research

An obvious guideline set out in the strategy is the ambition to publish research in international journals of the very best standard. One of the focus areas in NHH’s strategy for 2018–2021 is "world-class research", emphasising that "NHH must increase the number of research groups that regularly publish at the top level in topics central to an international business school," and that "NHH must increase the number of publications at the highest international level".

More focus on accreditations and rankings

Another guideline set out in NHH's strategy 2018-2021 is that "NHH will increase the emphasis on international accreditations and rankings". Since the Financial Times ranking is decidedly the most important ranking for internationally-oriented business schools, this indicates an ambition to publish in journals that are on the Financial Times’ list in order to achieve success.

The current scheme for publication bonus orchestrated by NHH is well established. The scheme gives incentives for publication in journals defined as top publications on NHH's bonus list, and for publications on the FT list. There is a relatively large overlap between the lists, and in the period 2013–2018, around half of the articles that received a bonus were found on both lists.

New bonus fees from January 2019

The bonuses from 1 January 2019 are as follows:

  • NHH’s bonus list for 'top publications': NOK 80,000 (currently being revised)
  • The FT list: NOK 40,000 (doubled from 20,000)
  • Both the FT list and NHH's bonus list: NOK 120,000 (increased from 100,000)

NHH will continue the other provisions set out in the bonus scheme.

Deputy Rector for Research, Kenneth Fjell, explains: "The current list of journals included on NHH's bonus list for top publications is valid until the end of 2019. In the work on revising this list, NHH wishes to base itself on objective and external set criteria. We must also evaluate the significance of the outcomes of ongoing processes relating to Plan S and Open Access."

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