Fewer parking spaces from 11 March

By Astri Kamsvåg

13 March 2019 14:36

Fewer parking spaces from 11 March

We will have fewer available parking spaces in the time ahead. From Monday 11 March, you will no longer be able to park in the upper car park. NHH advises all staff to find other means of transport to and from work.

Photo: The red ring shows the upper car park.

Photo: The red ring shows the upper car park.

Can you use public transport or cycle to work?

The car park will be closed because the space is needed for portacabins and parking for the construction company Hent until renovation work on the high-rise building has been completed in December 2020. Thirty-six portacabins over two storeys will be located in the car park.

On Friday 8 March, the office portacabins that the Service Centre is moving into will be constructed near the assembly hall entrance. There will be major restrictions to traffic in front of the high-rise building, past the main entrance and towards the Lehmkuhl hall that day. Please be aware of this when in this area on Friday 8 March.

Øvre p-plass_650.jpg

Photo: The red crosses show the parking spaces past the barrier and just outside it.

Very limited parking 14-15 March

All parking spaces past the barrier and the spaces just outside it will be closed off for two days: Thursday 14 March and Friday 15 March.

The entrance to the parking area will close on the afternoon of Wednesday 13 March and will be closed through Saturday 16 March.

All parking spaces past the barrier and just outside it will be closed to allow for the construction of the 36 portacabins in the upper car park over these three days. There will be heavy goods traffic on all three days. These vehicles need space to turn around in the parking area.

The parking spaces for electric cars will be open so it is possible to park there if there are available spaces.  

NHH has about 70 parking spaces at its disposal by Merino towards the sea on the south side of the building. Because the portacabins are being temporarily stored here, only half of the spaces in the Merino car park will be available from 4–13 March.

On Thursday 14 and Friday 15 march, it will not be possible to park at Merino because the heavy goods vehicles will transport the portacabins from Merino to NHH and need the space to manoeuvre. We advise all NHH staff to use public transport on these two days.

Droping off and collecting children

Some of our staff nonetheless need to use their cars to drop off and collect kindergarten and school children. Of consideration to these colleagues, we kindly ask other members of staff to use public transport when possible.  

If you choose to take public transport on 14 and 15 March to drop off/collect children, NHH will be flexible in relation to working hours on these days. Talk to your immediate superior about this. Staff with special needs are asked to clarify a solution to this with their immediate superior.

If you park in an area that is closed for parking, your car may be towed at your own risk and expense.

We apologise for the inconvenience this may cause and ask for your understanding in relation to these necessary changes.

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