Town hall 20 December 2019

By Astri Kamsvåg

20 December 2019 14:41

Town hall 20 December 2019

The agenda included information security, the rehabilitation project, publication bonuses for 2019 and the Bronze Sponge autumn 2019. Watch the recording of the meeting here.

Quite a few faculty members who received publication bonus for 2019 were absent at the town hall meeting where they were presented with flowers. Here's the list of all publication bonus recipients this year: 


Download the presentation (ppt)

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Town hall 7 November 2019

This was on the agenda: The new NHH mission – Together for sustainable value creation: Capitalizing from the mission statement, the way forward, Information from the November board meeting and NHH students in international case competitions: Mentoring and performance.

Town hall 18 September 2019

The agenda included: NHH mission, Survey on bullying and harassment, Update on cloud-services at NHH and Information from the September board meeting and events in the near future. Watch the meeting here or download the presentation.

Town Hall 18 June 2019

The agenda included: The 60-year anniversary for NHH Executive: Status and prospects, The ARK working environment survey, some experiences, EdTech at NHH og Information from the June board meeting. Afterwards there was a buffet lunch for all employees. Watch the recording of the meeting here.

Town hall meeting 2 May 2019

The agenda for the town hall meeting on 2 May included: Internal communication at NHH – objectives and mechanisms, Processing personal data and NSD requirements, National survey – harassment and Social events at NHH. Watch the recording of the meeting here if you missed it.

Town hall 18 March 2019

The structure of the MScEBA (MØA) program - report from working group, NHH mission statement: update and how to take part, 'Plan S and top publications and the rehabilitation process. Next town hall meeting is on 2 May.

Town hall 6 February 2019

The topics this time were International collborations and our presence in China, and Update on the rehabilitation project and moving process. Watch the recording of the meeting and download the presentation here.

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