Support a matter close to your heart

By Ingrid Aarseth Johannessen

18 December 2019 09:56

Support a matter close to your heart

This year NHH gives staff a charity gift card, which we can spend on the cause we wish to support. "With this gift card, each member of staff will be able to support their preferred cause – from cancer research to the environment and humanitarian aid. We want to create less waste and support good causes," says Rector Øystein.

For years, NHH has given a joint Christmas present to all staff by supporting NHH Aid, which is the NHH students' humanitarian organisation.

"This year, all our staff will receive the gift card 'Gi Gaven Videre' as a Christmas present. With this gift card, each member of staff will be able to support their preferred cause – from cancer research to the environment and humanitarian aid. It means we contribute to less waste, while supporting good causes," says Øystein.


We launched our new mission statement earlier this autumn: 'Together for sustainable value creation'. Øystein underlines that the we shall have a clear sustainable profile, which everyone should be able to recognise.

"By giving this Christmas gift, we want to signal that NHH takes sustainability seriously. We want to be a driver for innovation and sustainable development. This means for instance ensuring our students have cutting-edge expertise in the field of sustainability, and that we support the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals," says Øystein.

'Gi Gaven Videre' is a non-profit limited liability company founded by Aksel Mjøs, Associate Professor at NHH, and his wife Kari. The idea for the company came about when Aksel was going to celebrate his 50th birthday four years ago.

"I thought it was simply ridiculous that I, being so privileged, should receive gifts when I have everything I need. I therefore encouraged the guests to give to a charity instead," he says. NOK 25,000 was raised in total, and this prompted the idea to create the solution 'Gi Gaven Videre'.

Gi gaven videre Kari og Aksel_650.jpg


Aksel says that the company is a reaction to the overconsumption in society, and that they want to show that there are sustainable alternatives to traditional gifts. The couple do not make any money from the company.

"We are joining the battle against meaningless company gifts. Gifts from the employer rarely meet the needs or wishes of the recipient, and are therefore superfluous. It contributes to an ever expanding culture of mass consumption that is not sustainable," says Aksel.


  • 'Gi Gaven Videre' is a digital gift card that companies can give their employees so that they in turn can support non-profit organisations.
  • The founders are husband and wife Aksel and Kari Mjøs. They own 50% of the company each.
  • Gifts can be donated to more than 70 organisations. They are all related to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.
  • They receive funding from PwC, Sparebanken Vest, Balder Betaling, Keyteq, Oktan Bergen, Kristiania University College, Prospera, Grieg Foundation and GC Rieberfondene.
  • Students at NHH and Kristiania University College have contributed extensive voluntary efforts.

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