Stig Losnegård new information security adviser

By Astri Kamsvåg

6 December 2019 08:01

Stig Losnegård new information security adviser

Stig Losnegård has just started in the new permanent position as information security adviser at NHH. He will provide advice and guidance on information security and help to develop NHH's information security management system.

Stig Losnegård

"Personal data and handling of information are more important today than ever before. You want the choices that you make to be based on correct and up-to-date information to the greatest extent possible", Stig explains.

"Information security is about giving access to information only to those who need it, giving them access when they need it, and giving them reliable information."

"Secure processing of information and personal data is not just a matter of complying with the privacy regulations. It is also a very important factor in building trust and a good reputation."

"NHH educates tomorrow's leaders and decision-makers. The choices and decisions they make will affect society. With this background, I think it is very interesting to have the opportunity to contribute to NHH's focus on information security and privacy", Stig says.


Stig has worked with information security at the Police since 2008. From 2012 he was the Western Police district's Data Protection Officer. In this role he was also a member of the local supervisory committee for supervision and inspections of police custody. In addition, he was part of the communication unit of Western Police district's Crisis Management Team.

He has also spent 11 years at Telenor, where he, among other things, was responsible for digital security certificates.

His education is in communications, cultural heritage and dissemination from the University of Bergen.

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