Open publishing with Elsevier and Springer

By Kari Fjose

3 December 2019 08:54

(updated: 3 December 2019 08:56)

Open publishing with Elsevier and Springer

As a researcher at NHH you can publish your research openly (open access) with Elsevier and Springer. NHH is participating in the national agreements signed with the publishers. The publishing costs are covered through our agreement with Elsevier and Springer.

Elsevier and Springer logos

The agreements states that first author / corresponding author associated with NHH can publish peer-reviewed research articles openly in the publishers pure OA-journals and in their subscription journals (hybrid). The agreement with Elsevier is from 2019, for Springer it is from 2020. The authors are offered to publish the article under CC BY or CC BY_NC_ND license. The publications costs (APC) are covered by NHH through the agreement.

It is UNIT that has negotiated the agreements on behalf of all the universities and universities of applied sciences in Norway.

For more information about the agreements and how to publish OA, see

Agreements have also been negotiated with Taylor & Francis and Wiley. NHH does not participate in these.

Questions about publishing?

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Access to Elsevier journals secured

Norway has now signed a two-year agreement with Elsevier which grants continued access to the Elsevier journals through the Science Direct interface. This means that researchers and students at NHH do not lose access to Science Direct.

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