Making the aula great again

The aula when it was new.
The aula when it was new.
By Astri Kamsvåg

20 December 2019 12:59

Making the aula great again

It is now decided that the aula will be included in the rehabilitation project which is currently taking place at NHH. "This is great news. The objective is to recreate the greatness of the past!" says Eivind Drange, who is NHH's project manager for the rehabilitation.

The aula is in a bad condition: The floor is rotten, the ventilation will be improved, the technical equipment needs to be sorted out, the stage is too high, it’s difficult to transport equipment from the basement, there are not enough storage rooms and no opportunity to get on stage for those in wheelchairs. This will now be taken care of.

“If it had not been included in the ongoing rehabilitation, it must have been refurbished over the next ten years anyway. We're very pleased that it's happening now”, Eivind concludes.

Closes in April

The aula will close in April 2020. The end date for NHH’s rehabilition project is postponed from 19 October to 11 December 2020.


This will happen to the aula:

  • new surfaces: floor, walls, ceiling, windows
  • new ventilation and heating systems
  • elevator from the basement
  • lifting platform to the stage
  • lowering the stage
  • new storage rooms
  • a new and better bar
  • a new aula-entrance

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