Did you open the attachment in the spam email?

By Stig Losnegård

13 December 2019 11:03

Did you open the attachment in the spam email?

Did you open the attachment in the scam email and submitted your username and password? Change your password immediately!


Yesterday a lot of employees at NHH received an email with a PDF attachement.

Compromised user credentials for a user account made it possible for someone outside of NHH to send this email.

- The attachement itself had the same technical properties as an ordinary attachment.

- However, the attachment contained a link to an external website with a login service for harvesting user credentials.

Everyone who opened the attachment and followed the link and submitted username and password, got their password compromised.

- You must change your password.

Has your user credentials from NHH been used for external services or do you use the same password elsewhere?

 - As a general security precaution you must change your password.

Your new password should be different from password you use for other purposes. 

For a password you should rather use a sentence you remember instead of some incomprehensible combination of characters and numbers you will forget.


When you receive emails or messages urging you to open attachments or following links; stop - think - then click.

They are not necessarily what they claim to be.

change your password

CTRL, ALT, DEL and then 'Change password'.

PASSWORD Requirements  

  • Must be at least 12 characters long
  • Must contain at least one lower case and one upper case alphabetic character
  • Must contain either a number or a special character (! # & etc.)

Opened the attachment to 'faktura' email?

Many NHH employees have received an e-mail titled "faktura" from an internal address. The e-mail is a fraud.

Read more about scam emails at Paraplyen

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