The results from the survey on bullying and harassment

By Astri Kamsvåg

22 August 2019 14:44

The results from the survey on bullying and harassment

The response rate at NHH is higher than in the rest of the academic sector in Norway. It is good that 90 per cent of employees experience a working environment free from bullying and harassment, but this number should nevertheless have been even higher, thinks rector Øystein.

NHH has some challenges.

Ten per cent (24 people) of NHH employees who responded to the survey say they have been bullied or harassed at work over the past year. This is under the national average which is 13 per cent. Of these ten per cent, many have been harassed monthly or more often. Most often it is the manager who is conducting the bullying or harassing. This is above the national average in the academic sector in Norway.

"Of course, we take this very seriously. We will work closely with our managers on this in the future. The goal is that no employees should be bullied or harassed by their manager. And at NHH there should be a low threshold for reporting abusive behaviour", says Rector Øystein.

"NHH has very clear regulations for handling bullying and harassment. The aim with these regulations is to clarify what we consider acceptable and unacceptable behaviour in order to prevent bullying and harassment from occurring and to clarify responsibilities and roles", states Øystein.

National Report

National Report - Mobbing og trakassering i UH-sektoren 2019.jpg

"These results show that we need to continue working to promote a best possible culture and a good working environment for erveryone at NHH, he says.

He says that NHH shortly will draw up a plan for following up the results of the survey. The Working Environment Committee - which consists of occupational health services, union representatives, safety representatives and managers - and the various management forums will be central to the work.

High response rate

Our rector appreciates that so many employees have participated in the survey. The response rate among NHH employees is 59. This is substantially higher than in the rest of the sector (42). But it worries him that 47 per cent do not know where to find our report system for violations of laws or ethical standards.

"We need to do better than this. We introduced new reporting (routines) for both students and employees last year. What we learn through this survey is that we need to give our employees better information about how to report harmful, unethical or illegal actions at NHH. Reports from both students and employees will be taken very seriously and treated confidentially. These are matters that we need to handle immediately. The work we’ve done to ensure that the students know how to report has been successful, and there’s no reason why the employees shouldn’t have the same knowledge", says Rector.

No sexual abuse

None of NHH’s respondents state that they are aware of instances where someone has used violence to obtain sex, or that they themselves have felt coerced, threatened or pressured into engaging in sexual activity in the past 12 months.

Implemented measures

Notification was the theme of the safety round in 2018, and the same year, NHH conducted the working environment survey ARK. In addition, the following documents have been prepared and/or updated in recent years:


The survey is anonymous, and no staff members at the academic institutions have access to the data. Therefore, we cannot follow up on individual incidents. But the survey helps us to follow up on the challenges we have in our working environment. The rector encourages employees to notify when necessary.

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Want to know more about harassment

"We take bullying and harassment very seriously. We need to know more about the extent of the problem, and that is why NHH is participating in a comprehensive national survey now in May," says rector Øystein Thøgersen.

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National report on bullying and harassment

The national report on bullying and harassment in the academic sector is published today

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