Rewarding teaching excellence

By Frank Mortensen

5 April 2019 15:40

Rewarding teaching excellence

The qualification scheme for outstanding teachers is now introduced at NHH. Faculty members with a fixed position have the opportunity to apply for status as an Excellent Teacher Practitioner. The deadline for applications is 1 September 2019.

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The system for rewarding excellence is formalised in order to develop a collegial and professional teaching and learning culture and to systematically document and reward efforts to develop teaching. The system complements other arrangements at NHH to promote educational quality.

The aim is to raise the status of teaching by

  • recognising and rewarding staff with a particularly high level of expertise in and commitment to teaching, and inspiring them to further increase their efforts
  • inspiring staff to focus more on their teaching duties
  • contributing to the development of the academic environments these teachers work in
Frank Mortensen at Section for Quality Assurance works with educational development at NHH.
Frank Mortensen at Section for Quality Assurance works with educational development at NHH.

Money and title 

Employees who are credited receive a salary supplement of tre salary steps and the title Excellent Teacher Practitioner.

Seminar on 6 May

Are you considering applying? On 6 May 2019, at 12.15 - 15 NHH organises a seminar on the application process. Venue: Kjell Grønhaug, SOL.

At the seminar, the content and structure of the applications will be reviewed and discussed. Are you interested in applying, you should definitely attend the seminar.

As an applicant you must develop a teaching portfolio that you submit with your application.

In May, a course / workshop will be arranged for those of you who need to develop a teaching portfolio and for those who will be assessing pedagogical competence. The course / workshop is also suitable for those who in the future might apply for permanent employment or promotion.


Contact if you have anything you would like to ask or discuss.

Read more about Excellent Teacher Practioner and the criteria

Pedagogy: teaching portfolio

A teaching portfolio will be useful for you when applying for academic positions, for the coming distinction Excellent Teaching Practitioner (Merit System for Teaching at NHH) or for personal promotion to full professorship. Join this workshop and learn how to document your teaching competence!

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