Access to Elsevier journals secured

By Kari Fjose, Astri Kamsvåg

23 April 2019 14:53

Access to Elsevier journals secured

Norway has now signed a two-year agreement with Elsevier which grants continued access to the Elsevier journals through the Science Direct interface. This means that researchers and students at NHH do not lose access to Science Direct.

Kenneth Fjell is Vice Rector for Research.
Kenneth Fjell is Vice Rector for Research.

One important demand in the negotiations was that articles published by Norwegian authors should be published as open access articles. This demand is fulfilled.

"This is a joyous day for open access, and possibly a long step on the road to open access being the new standard", says Kenneth Fjell, Vice Rector for Research. 

He elaborates: "It is very pleasant that one has now got a new agreement in place that ensures our researchers still access to Elsevier's latest releases. I also appreciate that the publisher maintained the researchers' access while the negotiations were in overtime and in breach a short time. Another positive thing is that such a large proportion of the Elsevier journals within our disciplines are included. It has been particularly difficult with open access to high quality journals. For example, all of Elsevier's four absolute top journals at the Chartered Association of Business Schools are their Academic Journal Guide (so-called ABS 4*) included in the agreement, in addition to most Elsevier journals on other levels. 

"However, this agreement is a pilot with a duration of only two years, which in principle means that the journals in our areas are not compatible with Plan S, unfortunately. Nevertheless, it is a joyous day for open access, and possibly a long step on the road to open access being the new standard", Kenneth says.

Be corresponding author

The new agreement entails that corresponding authors, i.e. the authors who are in contact with the publisher, can publish their articles as open access at no added cost. Therefore it is of great importance that NHH’s researchers make sure that they take the role as ‘corresponding author’.

Public funding

The Norwegian government’s goal is that all academic articles funded by public funds will have open access by 2024.

The agreement is negociated by the Norwegian consortium for higher education and research organized by Unit. 

Information from the negociations committee: Norway and Elsevier agree on pilot national licence for research access and publishing

Elsevier journals cancelled

NHH's subscription to Elsevier’s journals available through Science Direct was cancelled this week due to disagreement on the Open Access policies offered by the publisher. Download the articles you need immediately!