Keita Abe to Dept of Economics

By Astri Inga Kamsvåg

5 September 2018 17:49

Keita Abe to Dept of Economics

Keita Abe from Japan is one of the new postdoctoral fellows at the Department of Economics. He's also affiliated to the research centre Macroeconomics and Natural Resources.

Keite Abe is new postdoc at the Department of Economics.
Keite Abe is new postdoc at the Department of Economics.

"I find the research environment at NHH great because of the interaction between faculty and the good opportunities to get in touch with people from other departments", Keita Abe says.

"I am excited about the project I have joined, which analyses the great detail of the fisheries, one of the most important industries in Norway. The project is called "The impact of new technologies on fisheries management" led by Linda Nøstbakken", he adds.

Research interests

Keita Abe's research interests are fisheries economics, environmental and natural resource economics, policy evaluation, structural estimation and empirical industrial organisation.


Keita Abe completed his BA in policy studies and his MS in environmental science, but changed his major to economics as he believes that economics has impacts on environmental and resource policies. Since then, he completed his MA in economics at the University of British Columbia, and obtained his PhD in economics from the University of Washington.

Department of Economics

Macroeconomics and Natural Resources

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