Preparing the move to Merino

The Merino building seen from NHH. Archive photo: Hallvard Lyssand
NHH was tenant in Merino for many years, but moved out in 2013. In March 2019 many employees and students will move back in for a while. Archive photo: Hallvard Lyssand
By Hallvard Lyssand

30 October 2018 08:56

Preparing the move to Merino

During March 2019 many employees and students will move to temporary premises in the Merino building. The detailed planning of the move and the preparing of Merino has started.

The rehabilitation of the high rise and the rest of NHH’s 1963 buildings means that everyone in these buildings and even some employees in the Service building will have to move out of their offices.

This in turn means that everyone needs to relocate in the best and most efficient way possible.

Moving in March

Most of the people who need to move will get new office space in the Merino building west of NHH. The move itself will take place during most of March 2019.

The steering committee for the rehabilitation project headed by Vice Rector for Faculty Affairs Gunnar E Christensen, has laid a plan which secures that all involved departments and offices are placed together as closely as possible in the five story building.

The plan has been discussed in the rehabilitation project user group, which comprises members from all the involved units. The rectors will make the final decision.

Detailed planning of the relocation process will be carried out in co-operation with the departments and offices involved.

Preparing the building

NHH has a long history as tenant in Merino, but the building has been empty since NHH moved out in 2013.

The premises have been heated during this period to prevent decay, but naturally preparations are necessary before faculty, staff and students can move in. Landlord Rexir will prepare the ventilation and heating systems and clean the premises.

“There is no reason to suspect problems with the indoor air quality or other aspects concerning the working environment in the building, but if anything comes up, we will obviously address the issue,” says Gunnar Christensen.

NHH is responsible for networks and admission control in the building.

Takes care of the students

The students and the student union also need to prepare for changes during the rehabilitation.

Through cooperation between NHH, Statsbygg and NHHS, one has been able to plan in a way that secure that operations in the Aula and the basement can continue through large parts of the construction period. The steering committee works closely with the student union to make operations as efficient as possible.

Nevertheless, many students must be prepared to spend some time in Merino, since both auditoriums, a study hall and several student union offices need to be emptied and closed during the rehabilitation work.

Hopefully it’s of some comfort that the replacement areas in Merino are quite roomy.

Parking included

As part of the Merino contract, NHH gets access to the parking lot south of the building with approximately 80 parking spaces. This more or less cover the amount of spaces that will be unavailable due to needs in connection with the rehabilitation process.

The contract for Merino lasts from 1 January 2019 to 31 December 2020.

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