Partnership programme?

The working group consists of Therese Sverdrup, Ann-Mari Haram, Torkjel Landås, Kjetil Sudmann Larssen and two students appointed by NHHS.
The working group consists of Therese Sverdrup, Ann-Mari Haram, Torkjel Landås, Kjetil Sudmann Larssen and two students appointed by NHHS. Nina Skage replaces Torkjel Landås from 1 December 2018.

22 October 2018 16:03

(updated: 5 December 2018 17:56)

Partnership programme?

NHH has appointed a working group to assess the design and establishment of  a 'NHH Corporate Partnership Program'. The group consists of  Therese Sverdrup (head), Ann-Mari Haram, Torkjel Landås, Kjetil Sudmann Larsen and two students.

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New members of the working group

Nina Skage, Director for Funding, replaces Torkjel Landås in the working group from 1 December 2018.

The student respresentatives were appointed in November. They are: 
- Head of Corporate Relations NHHS: Elias Nash Reksen (until 01.12.2018), Bjørn Bue Kessel (from 01.01.2019)
- Head of the Businsess Committee: Sofie Bendixen (until 01.12.2018), Christian Ziesler (from 01.01.2019)


In light of the targets and priorities that follow from NHH's strategy, the working group is requested to (from the mandate):

1. Describe and evaluate alternative models for developing a ‘NHH Corporate Partnership Programme’, including defining goals and assessing the beneficial effects of establishing such a programme.

2. Make a special assessment of the organisation of the career services in relation to both national and international businesses, and how good coordination between NHH and NHHS can yield mutual benefits in this field. In this context, reference is made to NHH’s results in FT’s rankings of career services.

3. Prepare a reasoned proposal regarding which partnership model NHH should choose.

4. Itemise a plan for the implementation of a 'NHH Corporate Partnership Program’, including a realisation of gains plan.

This year

The working group is requested to submit its preliminary assessment and a plan for further work on the topic in spring 2019, by 31 December 2018. A main objective is to provide a decision-making basis regarding the possible establishment of a ‘NHH Corporate Partnership Programme’.

A driving force for innovation

In line with NHH’s strategy for 2018–2021, NHH shall be a driving force for innovation and sustainable development in businesses and the public administration, and be a preferred partner in research and education.

Cooperation with external enterprises, and a vital alumni network, shall play a key role in NHH’s development. NHH shall be the natural point of contact for expert knowledge on topics relating to economics and business administration.

In line with this idea, NHH wishes to look into how new partnership models for closer cooperation between the business community and public administration can strengthen the school as a professional partner.

Good coordination of NHH and NHHS and, in many contexts, presenting a unitary external appearance, appears to be an important premise for establishing a successful partnership programme. NHH and NHHS have broad experiences of various forms of cooperation with external enterprises. Together with introductory work that has been conducted to map possible partnership models and establish knowledge about such programmes at other institutions in the Nordic countries, this creates a solid foundation of knowledge for the work. In order to assess the development and establishment of a ‘NHH Corporate Partnership Program’, the following working group has been appointed:

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