All employees are invited to take a working environment survey

By Hallvard Lyssand

8 October 2018 08:16

All employees are invited to take a working environment survey

NHH is set to carry out a working environment survey this autumn. All employees are encouraged to take part.

In conjunction with this work, NHH is set to carry out a working environment survey this autumn.

‘The survey will help us to form an impression of the working environment at NHH, and it will provide a basis for implementing measures where necessary,’ Thøgersen explains.

‘This is not a one-off measure, but will be repeated at set intervals as one of our tools for promoting a good working environment,’ he adds.

Developed at NTNU

The survey will be carried out through the NTNU-managed ARK intervention programme.

ARK has been developed through a cooperation between the universities of Oslo, Trondheim, Bergen and Tromsø for the purpose of mapping psychosocial factors in working environments in the university and university college sector.

As well as serving as a process tool for strengthening and developing the working environments at different institutions, the results are also stored in a database for research purposes.

Implementation at NHH

In the period from 15 October until 5 November, all NHH employees will have access to an online questionnaire survey with questions relating to the working environment.

The main themes of the survey at NHH will be interpersonal relations and interaction with the management at the employee’s entity, how work requirements and resources affect the employee’s health, and the individual employees' relationship to their work.

The answers will be processed anonymously by the responsible parties at NTNU, and the results will be presented at group level for the individual organisational entities at NHH.

The goal is to be able to present the results and development areas in early 2019, and for any measures to be implemented over the course of spring.

Physical working conditions, the indoor climate etc. are not covered by the survey, as they are mapped through separate processes, e.g. safety rounds.

Nor will there be any questions directly targeting bullying and harassment, as this type of behaviour should be reported through other channels. ARK is primarily a tool that is intended to contribute to local processes to prevent undesirable behaviour, and, as the survey is anonymous, the data basis is not suitable for handling concrete cases.

The Office of Human Resources has chief responsibility for implementing the survey, but the rectorate, management, safety delegates and employee representatives are also involved in the process.

‘We hope that all our employees will complete the survey. The more answers we receive, the better impression we get of the working environment – which is critical to implementing the right measures,’ Øystein Thøgersen concludes.

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