Who is going where during the rehabilitation?

By Astri Inga Kamsvåg

21 November 2018 13:04

Who is going where during the rehabilitation?

The rector's team has now decided which units will move to the Merinobygget building, and which will be moving relocated in Helleveien. FIN, RRR and FOR will be located on the first, second and third floors in Merinobygget, respectively.

Steering committee

The administrative units will be located on the fourth floor.

In Helleveien, the first floor of the Servicebygget building, a reading room for master's students and the open-plan office currently used by the Section of Admissions will be reorganised.

In total, 224 members of staff and PhD reseach fellows have to move due to the rehabilitation. In general, there will be cellular offices for all faculty and administrative employeew. Some PhD research fellows will sit in open-plan workspaces. The many NHHS groups that will be affected will be given new premises in Merinobygget.

The units will be responsible for organising their own premises.

The proposal has been discussed in the new steering committee and in the new user group for the rehabilitation project.

The departments

Department of Finance (FIN): first floor
Department of Accounting, Auditing and Law (RRR): second floor
Department of Business and Management Science (FOR): third floor

User group

During the coordinated design phase the group consists of: 

Administrative units 

All administrative units in Merinobygget will be gathered on the fourth floor. These include:

Principles for placements

The placements are based on the following principles:
1. No unit is more entitled to areas of higher quality than others.
2. Each unit shall sit together and not divided between several floors.
3. Cost efficient solutions are prioritised.

Reorganisation of Servicebygget 

A selection of functions that are affected by the renovation need to stay Helleveien. The first floor of Servicebygget, where the Section for Finance and Accounting is currently located, will be reassigned for this purpose.

During the renovation, the following functions will be moved to the first floor of Servicebygget:
- The Rector and Vice Rector for Academic Affairs and their support functions.
- The Section for Archive Services  (they will remain on the first floor of the service building also after the restoration)
- Section for Examinations (auxiliary offices)
- Section for Quality of Education (auxiliary offices)
- The project manager for the renovation
- Statsbygg

A few offices have been reserved for unforeseen circumstances.

The Section for Examinations 

The Section for Examinations will move to a reading room for master's students in Servicebygget and will get open-plan workspaces. In addition, the section will have a couple of auxiliary offices on the first floor of the service building. The students are compensated with a reading room in  Merinobygget.

The Service Centre

The Service Centre will be located in barracks outside by the entrance to the Aula during the rehabilitation period.


NHH will now ask Sammen if they would like to run the canteen on the ground floor of Merinobygget.

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