Changes to password policy

By Redaksjon

7 March 2018 13:19

Changes to password policy

NHH is changing its password policy. From 12 March at noon, the minimum password length will be increased from eight to 12 characters.

Users that change their password after this date is no longer required to change their passwords at a fixed interval.

Password requirements (all apply)

  • Must be at least 12 characters long
  • Must contain at least one lower case and one upper case alphabetic character
  • Must contain either a number or a special character (! # & etc.)


  • Set a unique password you do not use anywhere else.
  • Avoid using names of friends, family members and pets as part of your password.
  • A great way to set a password you can remember is to use a sentence. By using a sentence, you can easily create long passwords that are both safe and easy to remember.