CEMS managers' meeting at NHH

By Astri Inga Kamsvåg

20 June 2018 18:15

CEMS managers' meeting at NHH

The annual meeting for CEMS managers is taking place at NHH this week from 20 to 22 June. Who from NHH are contributing to the meeting, and what are the main topics in CEMS' new vision from 2020 to 2025?

NHH's CEMS Academic Director, Professor Jan I. Haaland, gives you the answers.

At NHH, Norunn Økland is the CEMS Programme Manager and Marie van Beijeren the CEMS Corporate Relations Manager, and together with the CEMS Head Office they are in charge of this year’s CEMS Managers meeting.

The CEMS Managers’ Meeting is an annual event where CEMS Programme and Corporate Relations managers meet to discuss current topics and ongoing projects. This year 61 representatives from 31 member schools and the CEMS Head Office convene at NHH to take part in the programme titled “Taking Action on the Vision”.

Read more about the meeting in the calendar at nhh.no 

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