External collaborations

By Stella K. Angove

17 January 2018 10:36

External collaborations

Are you considering establishing a collaboration with an external partner in teaching or research? Are you involved in a scientific or administrative project with an external partner that you would like to formalise?

Today NHH has a wide range of collaboration agreements with companies and institutions concerning financial support for one of our research centres, endowed professorships, internships and similar. These agreements regulate the collaboration between NHH and the external partner and have until now existed in many different shapes and varieties.

Sigbjørn Råsberg at the Section for Finance and Accounting has developed an NHH template for collaboration agreements. It contains a description of the aim of the agreement in question, which parties are involved, the parties’ contact persons and the duration of the agreement. It regulates copyrights and patent rights and determines that publications, research results and other results stemming from the cooperation are NHH property and shall be made publicly available.

- The template regulates the parties’ rights and duties in the collaboration and secures that NHH remains scientifically independent and not bound in any way in its research, teaching or dissemination, says Sigbjørn.

The template will be adjusted in accordance with each specific collaboration between NHH and external partners.


Please contact Torkjel Landås or Stella Angove at External Relations for assistance in establishing collaborations between NHH and external partners. Torkjel and Stella will also be available for assistance with the necessary adjustments of the template and signing of the final agreements.

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