Gavrilova-Zoutman in fixed position

By Astri Inga Kamsvåg

17 January 2018 08:35

Gavrilova-Zoutman in fixed position

Evelina Gavrilova-Zoutman is one of the six associate professors who have recently been appointed in fixed positions at the Department of Business and Management Science at NHH.

Evelina Gavrilova-Zoutman took up the position in January 2018. She has been at NHH since November 2014 in a temporary position as assistant professor. She received her PhD in Economics from the University of Turin in 2014. She is currently collaborating on a grant from the Norwegian Research Council on the effects of the payroll tax.

Her research interests include the economics of crime, assortative matching and taxation. She enjoys tinkering with data and learning new strategies to detect crime with it.

In autumn 2017 she tought the course MET4 Empirical Methods, and in spring 2018 she is teaching Economic Crime: Detection and Prevention.

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Recruitment the most important

Six new associate professors are now in place in permanent positions at the Department of Business and Management Science. ‘In the long run, recruitment work is the most important job we do at the department,’ says Head of Department Frode Sættem.

Publication bonus to Gavrilova and Zoutman

An article by Evelina Gavrilova- Zoutman and Floris Zoutman has been accepted for publication in highly prestigious The Economic Journal.

NHH study on cannabis legalization

This week Evelina Gavrilova-Zoutman was invited to the Danish Folketinget to talk about cannabis legalization, based on her top publication on the subject.

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