Do you need funding?

By Astri Inga Kamsvåg

8 January 2018 13:32

Do you need funding?

“The funding from the SNF Foundation enabled us to purchase the rights to a big data set about the inhabitants and companies in Norway from Statistics Norway”, says Professor Lasse Lien at STOP - Centre for Strategy, Organisation and Performance.

Helge Thorbjørnsen is chair of the SNF Foundation and of SNF AS.
Helge Thorbjørnsen is chair of the SNF Foundation and of SNF AS.

The Centre, which is one of the smallest research centres at NHH, received the data set just before Christmas and is now about to start using it.

"Now that we have this data set in place, we have the opportunity to apply for funding from other sources as well, for example from the Research Council of Norway. Gradually we will be able to engage more researchers and further increase our activity," says Lasse Lien.

The start-up financing for STOP - Centre for Strategy, Organisation and Performance is a good example of how the SNF Foundation’s Fund for Applied Research wishes to use its returns, according to Professor Helge Thorbjørnsen, chair of the SNF Foundation and SNF AS.

Up to one million kroner a year from the fund’s returns go to fund projects in the research environments on which SNF’s activities are focused. Individual researchers and research groups with affiliation to SNF AS can apply for financial support for specific academic activities.

"We see that the Department of Economics, with The Choice Lab and CELE, has been good at making use of the opportunities in the fund. When these centres were being built up they received invaluable financial support through these funds. Now we want more research environments at SNF and NHH to grasp this opportunity," says Helge Thorbjørnsen.

"We want to support new strategic initiatives so that they can accelerate," he says, and mentions that the fund also can grant funds over several years.

There are three application deadlines a year: 1 February, 1 June and 15 October 2018.


Managing Director Svenn-Åge Dahl:
Phone: 55 95 95 58/930 86 779

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The research agenda of the Center for Strategy, Organization and Performance (S T O P) is to better understand the origins of performance differences between firms and industries, and the implications of this for decision makers. Within this wider research agenda, we put particular emphasis on strategy and the business cycle, strategic human capital, the theory of the firm, and entrepreneurship.

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