Digital sick leave

By Marianne Stople

31 January 2018 12:32

Digital sick leave

From 15 January 2018 all employees in Norway will use digital sick leave if they become ill and need a sick leave. This means that you will receive your sick leave digitally instead of a paper version.

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When you have been with your doctor and been declared sick, you will receive an SMS/e-mail with a link to your digital medical report. Log in to Ditt NAV > Ditt sykefravær ( (in Norwegian) with your electronic ID. Here you will find your sick leave and useful information regarding sick leave. Send the medical certificate electronically to NHH at once. From Ditt NAV > Ditt sykefravær ( (in Norwegian)  you will be guided through the steps.

Your manager will receive access to the medical certificate via Altinn and You still need to give notice of your absence as usual, by contacting your manager and give notice of how long you expect to be absent and how your absence will affect your work.

The content of the medical certificate is the same as in the paper version, which means that your diagnosis will not be known for your employer. You will find information regarding this on Ditt NAV > Ditt sykefravær ( (in Norwegian). If you have more than one employer, your doctor will make one medical certificate for each of them.

Application for sickness benefit

When the sick leave period is over, you will receive a new notice from NAV. Log in to Ditt NAV > Ditt sykefravær ( (in Norwegian) and fill in an application for sickness benefit before sending it to your employer. NAV uses the questions to calculate your sickness benefit. Answer these questions regardless if you receive payment from NHH while you are sick. This is because NHH pays your salary while you are sick and receives a refund from NAV.

Log on to «Ditt NAV» with MyID, BankID, Buypass or Commfides.

Hospitals will for a while continue to use the paper version.


Contact Marianne Stople at the HR Office at NHH. You can also read more about medical certificate in NHH’s Employee handbook

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