Change of electronic dictionary

By Fredrik Andersen Kavli

11 January 2018 08:45

Change of electronic dictionary

NHH cancelled our agreement with Ordnett at the start of 2018, and Clarify is our new supplier of electronic dictionaries. Clarify offers dictionaries from recognized publishers such as Cappelen Damm, Collins, Merriam-Webster, Samlaget and others.

You can look up words directly from your browser, or install the Clarify program on your PC or tablet/mobile. The installed program enables word lookup using hotkeys.



In the Browser

  1. Visit
  2. Click “logg på” in the top menu
  3. Click “koble til med Feide”
  4. Select NHH as your institution and log on using your NHH login details.

After login, please access the settings (top right) and set your interface language to “English”. Also, take some time to set up your favourite dictionaries and mother tongue. All settings are kept until the next login. Feide-logon ensures access to the dictionary from all over the world.

Installed Program

Clarify is available as an installed program. When this is installed on your computer, you can look up words using ctrl +  F11 (or another combination if you prefer):

  1. Access “Software Center” on your Computer.  Private computers can download and install the software from
  2. Find Clarify in the list of available software, mark the icon and click “install”
  3. Close Software Center when the installation is finished.

Feide-logon is needed the first time you start the program. Please open the settings and specify that the program should start with windows.  Also set up your dictionaries and target language if you did not already do this on


Please ask the library if you have any difficulties with using Clarify: or 55 95 94 13.

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