Jan Ubøe with new book

By Astri Inga Kamsvåg

6 February 2018 15:31

Jan Ubøe with new book

"I have spent a zillion hours on this book. I started working on it in February last year, and I've worked on it whenever I could until November", says Jan Ubøe about his textbook recently published by the international editors Springer.


"I wasn't very pleased when I was told that I had to redo almost all my figures because the had too low resolution. It would have been no problem if we were talking about two-three figures, but I had more than a hundred", Jan says.

Now he's very happy with the result.

The name of the book is "Introductory Statistics for Business and Economics Theory, Exercises and Solutions".

Springer's introduction of the book: 
"This textbook discusses central statistical concepts and their use in business and economics. To endure the hardship of abstract statistical thinking, business and economics students need to see interesting applications at an early stage. Accordingly, the book predominantly focuses on exercises, several of which draw on simple applications of non-linear theory. The main body presents central ideas in a simple, straightforward manner; the exposition is concise, without sacrificing rigor. 

The book bridges the gap between theory and applications, with most exercises formulated in an economic context. Its simplicity of style makes the book suitable for students at any level, and every chapter starts out with simple problems. Several exercises, however, are more challenging, as they are devoted to the discussion of non-trivial economic problems where statistics plays a central part." 

Jan Ubøe, who is Professor at the Department of Business and Management Science, has published a books some years ago at Springer (with co-authors) for the level after PhD. 

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