ARK: The work starts now

By Astri Inga Kamsvåg

6 December 2018 16:29

ARK: The work starts now

The overall results of the ARK working environment survey have been published and 343 employees were invited to participate in the survey. A total of 288 people participated in the survey, which is a response rate of 84 per cent.

This is far better than in the university sector in Norway which is 67 per cent.

Rector Øystein is very pleased that so many have responded to the survey. He believes it is fundamental that the employees are happy at work in order to achieve our strategic goals. A positive psychosocial working environment makes us all perform better.

Response rate 


  • Men: 79 per cent
  • Women: 91 per cent

 Types of positions:

  • Academic staff: 80 per cent
  • Technical/administrative employees: 91 per cent
  • PhD research scholars: 75 per cent
  • Management: 100 per cent

In order to take part in the survey, you must have been employed in a 50 per cent of a full-time position or more since 15 April 2018 and have an employment contract for longer than a year.

Measures before Easter

On average, the answers from NHH are more positive than those at other universities and university colleges that have undertaken the same survey.

Managers at each unit –department, office, section– have been given the aggregate result applicable to their unit.

Continuing work will focus on the safety representative, manager and a representative for the Office og Human Resources planning a feedback meeting with the individual units. All units will complete a feedback meeting before 1 February 2019. All the employees at the unit will be invited to look at the results together. The focus will be on what the unit wishes to maintain and what it wishes to improve on in relation to the current situation. Based on this work, each unit must specify a number of measures. The measures for all units must be in place before Easter 2019.

We report circumstances belonging to outside our unit that influence our work in the unit, to our manager.

NHH will examine the working environment every second year going forward as part of a continuous process to develop good working processes and a healthy interaction between employees and leaders.

About ARK

The survey maps the organisational and the psychosocial working environment at NHH on three levels:

1. Tasks
- the relationship between tasks and person

2. Social relations
- the relationship between colleagues and with managers

3. Organisational framework
- the relationship between the person, the organisation and the surroundings

The survey elucidates both work demands and resources on the basis of these parameters: work attachment, work demands, individual resources in carrying out tasks, colleague resources, and organisational resources.


Do you have any questions about ARK? Your manager is able to answer most questions.

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Working environment survey

Please remember to participate at the working environment survey (ARK) that we are conducting these days at NHH. You can answer the survey until 5 November. So far 136 employees - 39,9 percent - of your colleagues have participated.

All employees are invited to take a working environment survey

NHH is set to carry out a working environment survey this autumn. All employees are encouraged to take part.

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