Strategy 2018-2021

By Astri Inga Kamsvåg

30 April 2018 13:24

Strategy 2018-2021

We "shall take a leading position in developing the knowledge and expertise needed to address megatrends such as rapid technological development, globalisation and sustainability", states our new strategy. Read the short version here.

power point of the strategy

This power point includes the objectives.


We shall

  • continuously renew study programmes, profiles and courses to ensure their relevance.
  • provide an outstanding learning environment and educational methods that appeal to a diverse group of students, that create engagement and give maximum learning outcomes.
  • produce more top level research.
  • make a clear imprint on society and revitalise our alumni work.
  • devise broad and systematic digitalisation as a strategic tool.


As an NHH employee you are

You identify with NHH, contribute to a high level of activity and play an active part in the life of the community.

You are inquisitive and inclusive, internationally oriented and communicate openly.

You set high goals for yourself and for NHH.


We shall

  • be a driving force for development in business and society.
  • educate people for the purposes of value creation and sustainable development.
  • be a leading international business school.
  • lead the way in the development and dissemination of knowledge and expertise.

STRATEGy on paper?

All employees have or will have a copy of the short version of the strategy on paper. 

Read the full version of our strategy at

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