NB! Emergency response drill

By Marianne Stople

11 April 2018 09:14

NB! Emergency response drill

On Tuesday 17 April NHH will conduct an emergency response drill from 12 to 5 pm. The emergency services - the police and fire brigade - will come to campus with the sirens turned on. Be prepared for a very realistic emergency response drill!

An area around the main building will be shut off during this period. Please respect this and stay outside of this area.

Inform your loved ones 

It might be wise to inform your family/next of kin about the drill so that they don't worry and mistake it for a real emergency situation. 


For questions, please contact Marianne Stople at the Office of HR (959 21 599) or Vibeke Francisca Een at our partner Safetec (980 58 982).

Emergency response at NHH (nhh.no)

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