Recruitment the most important

30 October 2017 13:03

Recruitment the most important

Six new associate professors are now in place in permanent positions at the Department of Business and Management Science. ‘In the long run, recruitment work is the most important job we do at the department,’ says Head of Department Frode Sættem.

Frode Sættem is Head of Department of Business and Managment Science.
Frode Sættem is Head of Department of Business and Managment Science.

In the past five years, the department has recruited nine people to permanent academic positions and 13 to temporary academic positions.

‘Recruitment involves very time-consuming and extensive processes that have long-term consequences,’ the head of department emphasises.

From temporary to permanent posts

The six newly appointed associate professors have all been postdoctors at the department. Steffen Juranek, Arnt Ove Hopland and Mario Guajardo were appointed to permanent positions from summer 2017, while Malin Arve, Evelina Gavrilova-Zoutman and Floris Zoutman take up their positions from the new year in 2018.

‘We are particularly happy that six of our temporary staff have now been taken on permanently. All of them deliver sound research and they teach and supervise courses that are very important to the department and to NHH.

Deliver sound research

Together, the six who have now been appointed to permanent positions have published or had accepted for publication more than 40 scholarly articles in international journals during their period ass postdocs. Mario and Arnt Ove in particular have published a lot of work. Arnt Ove has received NHH’s publication bonus for publishing in Accounting Review, Malin has received the bonus for publishing in American Economic Review, and Evelina and Floris for publishing in Economic Journal.

In addition, Floris was awarded the FIBE Prize 2017, Malin won the Ingvar Wedervang Research Prize for Young Researchers in 2017 and Mario was awarded the Franz Edelmann Medal at the Informs Conference in 2016.

‘These new recruits have delivered both quality and quantity in their research. and we are delighted that they have all accepted the offer of a permanent position,’ says Sættem.

Important teaching contributions

Arnt Ove, Evelina and Floris teach key statistics and econometrics courses at bachelor and master’s level. Arnt Ove is also going to develop a master’s course in property economics. Evelina is already in full swing with an elective course in economic crime at bachelor’s level, while Floris will be involved in teaching the English version of the big master’s course in personal economics.

Malin teaches a master’s course in competitive tendering and procurements and will develop a new master’s course in purchasing. Steffen teaches a course in financial management of large companies, and Steffen and Malin will teach a new course in intangible assets together as part of the new master’s profile in New Business Development

Mario has a master’s course in Decision Analysis, which is part of the new Business Analytics programme. He is also involved in the master’s course Supply Chain Management and is planning a course in Sport Analytics.

‘These six recruits have expertise that is strategically important to NHH,’ says Frode Sættem.

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