#metoo and NHH

By Astri Inga Kamsvåg

24 November 2017 09:48

#metoo and NHH

There has been a lot of talk of harassment, and sexual harassment in particular, since the summer. But what is harassment? What are our procedures for employees and students?

NHH aims to ensure that students and staff are not harassed in any way in their study and working environment.

The topic is on the agenda at the coming meeting in the Working Environment Committee on Monday 27 November. Read the agenda (in Norwegian only)

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For employees: 

Bullying and harassment at work (NHH Employee Handbook)

Plan for measures against sexual harassment (NHH Employee Handbook)

Responsible behaviour (nhh.no)

For students: 
Action against harassment (nhh.no) 

#youtoo? (NHH's student blog)

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