User groups are established

15 May 2017 14:43

(updated: 15 May 2017 15:23)

User groups are established

Two of the user groups for the rehabilitation of NHH's buildings are now established: one with representatives from the departments and one for the centralised part of the administration. NHH's Working Environment Committe established a subgroup recently, and the Student Association's user group has started their work.


The working group for workplace design at the departments in the Tower Block consists of:

- Nils Friewald, FIN
- Anita Meidell, RRR
- Sigrid Lise Nonås, FOR
- Ingrid Sæthre, administrative staff at IRRR
- Kristin Teigland, Administrative Manager at FOR
- Gunnar E. Christensen, Vice Rector (SOL)


The working group for workplace design at the for the centralised administration in the Main Building (not the Tower Block) consists of:

- Martha Lehmann-Røed, Office of Human Resources 
- Gro Tufte, NHHE
- Kine Robertsen, Section for student exchange and internationalisation
- Marita Kristiansen, Office of Student and Academic Affairs
- Heidi M. Sund, Section for admissions 
- Trude Gudmundset, The Service Centre

Both the above mentioned groups will start their work at their first meeting which is scheduled in May/June. 

The working environment committee'S subgroup 

- Elise Kongsvik, acting HR Director
- Jøril Mæland, Head of FIN
- Per Manne, Senior safety representative at NHH
- Marianne Stople, HSE representative at NHH
- Charlotte Rundhovde, representative from the unions

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